Schools Radio


  • Operating a school radio station offers so many educational benefits

  • Builds communication, confidence and life skills

  • Provides a platform for wider school projects

  • Offers inclusive project based learning overall and for subset groups e.g. business, production, journalism, presentation, creative writing, ICT skills, the arts and more

Are you ready to break new ground for your school?

The possibilities are endless with a school radio project. Your own school radio station with its own studio, staffed and managed by students. Such a station for your school is also more than an educational project – it can be a showcase and a high profile statement for your school too!

We offer bespoke services ranging from advice and practical assistance on:

  • Project planning
  • Studio design and build
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Compliance with all relevant licencing bodies
  • Transmission, over a closed network, on the internet and even on licenced broadcast radio in your area
  • Student training days in all disciplines e.g. creative writing, production, news, interview techniques, music scheduling, presentation skills

Due to advances in technology and the introduction of new broadcasting frameworks a school radio station is now a viable and affordable option – the benefits are huge, long-lasting and wide-ranging.