Corporate Radio


  • Businesses are used to advertising on radio, but what about your own station?

  • Showcase and brand your business 24/7. On actual broadcast radio.

  • Build staff morale.

  • Compliment other digital activity.

Are you ready to join the audio revolution?

The possibilities are endless. There are already businesses doing this and for good reason. One example is an accountancy practice who have their own station live 24/7.

We offer bespoke services ranging from advice and practical assistance on:

  • Project planning
  • Studio design and build
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Compliance with all relevant licencing bodies
  • Transmission, over a closed network, on the internet and yes even on licenced broadcast radio in your area

Due to advances in technology and the introduction of new broadcasting frameworks corporate radio is here!

We can do everything for you including set up, ongoing operation, production etc. Equally we can assist with set up and ‘hand over the keys’. Talk to us about all the options.